Best Places to Learn Programming

Everyday, we hear news of acquisition of tech companies for million or billion dollars. It creates a lot of excitement among programmers and even non programmers. So everybody wanted to learn programming and even programmer from C, Java background wanted to learn iOS, Android app development. Big question: Should i need to go college to learn programming? Not anymore, we have lot of online companies offering courses to train you like Ninja. Following are few places where you can learn to code.

Code School

Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. From my experience, it is one of best places to learn web and mobile application development. It costs $29 per month. But it worths it.


At Codecademy, you can learn to code in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python and Ruby. Codecademy is Free. It is one of the most famous website to teach you to code interactively,


Treehouse can prepare you for a developer gig, even if you’ve got no experience. A helpful iPad app also makes it easy to learn on the go. Treehouse courses are more project-oriented than language-oriented, so they are perfect for novice programmer with a planned purpose, such as building a website, or an application.

It has two pricing plan. 1. Basic($25) 2. Pro($49) per month


Udacity aims to bring college courses online specially Computer courses. Udacity claims that online courses are rigorous and may even make you sweat. Tackling projects built by tech leaders like Google, AT&T, and Intuit, you’ll stretch yourself and learn new and relevant skills.


At this point all websites you read here are mainly dedicated to web development and computer science, but CodeHS is one with simple and fun game programming lessons that involve problem solving, JavaScript, animation, data structures, game design and puzzle challenges.


Coursera aims to bring college courses online — but it’s specifically focused on making the “best” courses available. Here you’ll find a wealth of computer science courses from schools not participating in the OCW program.


One of best known learning platform Khan Academy offers variety of courses, not only computer science. It serves as an open playground for both novice and amateurs particularly interested in learning drawing, animation and user interaction with code.

Website Setup

I randomly came across this site. It is really wonderful. Website Setup is helping people to make their first web site in a simplest way as possible. The step by step guide will help you to create, set up and design your own personal website using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and HTML5.

Be ready to code next Facebook.